Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guatemala Day 4

Guatemala Day 4: Field Day!

We got the morning off of work because today we planned a field day for the kids at the school. We walked about a half mile to the park (which was the original Long Way Home project) with about 70 kids in tow. At the park, we split into groups to play games like "congelado" (freeze tag), "pato pato gonzo" (duck duck goose), dancing, soccer, frisbee, and more. Some of the kids also walked over to the playground to play on slides, seesaws, and a giant rope swing. Even though they were shy at first, we all had fun interacting with the kids. At the end of the morning, the kids sang us a song and thanked us for the day.
 After lunch, it was back to work. Some of us cleaned cement off of glass bottles on the roofs to make skylights for the buildings; some of us continued stuffing trash into bottles or cutting plastic into shingles; some of us sifted more sand; some of us sorted bottles from the giant trash pile. 
After the work day, some of us got to visit "Alpha Omega" which is an English academy in Comalapa. It was really impactful to interact with Comalapans in that context and we were so inspired by their enthusiasm and their English skills. 
After dinner, we got to go to the night market! We got delicious tacos, doughnuts, "gringas", and queso-stuffed tortillas. It was exciting to see what a typical evening is like for Comalapans, and we can happily report that no one got sick from the food!

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