Wednesday, May 28, 2014

From the Desert to the Heights

Dear Friends!! We're on the bus headed to the holy city of Jerusalem! Unfortunately we had a lack of wifi connection over the past few days -- including a night in the desert visiting the Bedouin -- but we've used this to our advantage, building a really special community! Check out some images from Masada, the Dead Sea, and up north in the Golan Heights!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Fleas, and Beaches

Though jet lag struck many of us, we we're up early and off to an amazing day in the White City, Tel Aviv - Yaffo. After touring the ancient city that Jonah set off from, we headed over to Shuk HaPishpushim, the awesome flea market in downtown Yaffo. Next we walked along the Mediterranean coast and up to Tel Aviv where we took in the trendy shops and markets in the city's oldest neighborhood, Nachalat Binyamin. And finally, to the beach we went. On to the northern Negev tonight for the peace and quiet of Shabbat! More soon!

From Shabbat to Sauna

A quick update (we're on a bus running to get midnight snacks after a long day!) we had a wonderful Shabbat on quiet Kibbutz Urim where we unplugged from the busy-ness of the week and plugged in to the beauty of the community and the spirituality of the day of rest. And after a sweet Havdallah, we headed out into the desert to visit some warm mineral springs. Fun was had!