Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guatemala Day 3

Guatemala day 3!

We all woke up this morning to the sound of roosters crowing (no joke) and to the smell of French toast cooked by Alison S. and Sivan. Although sore, we were well rested and in good spirits to begin day 2 at the construction site. After breakfast, we gathered outside and decided our goal of the day, which was to make friends with at least one person (a local, construction worker, or Long Way Home team member) outside of our immediate trip. 

Quickly after arriving at the school, we got straight to work. We broke into groups and worked on various projects such as sifting rocks, carrying rocks, creating shingles, building fences, and cutting down bamboo with machetes for construction supplies (so cool!).

 At 10am, we ate a delicious home made snack with various local ingredients such as avocados, jam, tortillas, dobladas, and juice. After working for another hour, at 11:30 we departed for the local market in the town square. 

The market today was unlike anything most of us have seen before. Words people responded when I asked them to describe it in one word were  "Hectic" "insane" "crowded" "chaotic" "colorful" "bustling" and "live chickens". We purchased various things such as tapestries, bags, ceramics, food, and some of us even had success using our Spanish to barter lower prices! 

After the market, we went back to the school to finish our work for a few hours. At 4pm, we left and headed to the gallery of Oscar Peren, where we learned about his work and his inspiration (Andres Curruchiche) and purchased some artwork on display. We then came home, relaxed at the hotel, and ate dinner. After, we had our nightly discussion and had an in depth discussion of Power and Privilege. Now, it is time to go to bed, and rest up for another jam-packed, day of work! 

PS. Somehow, we have managed to avoid severe sunburns and stomach issues! We are doing a great job of taking care of ourselves and one another. 

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  1. You guys are truly the best of the best! Admissions are now estimating that over 34,000 interviewed (not applied, interviewed!) for next year's class and only 7% will get in. If they are up to your standards, Penn will remain the best University in the nation!

    BTB -- CAS '84