Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rachel's Overview Blog

We have been in Israel for almost a week and we have packed in more activities than I thought possible. Although the Negev was a little hot, I have enjoyed everything thus far. I came to Israel when I was eight but missed out on all the cool stuff - the Dead Sea stung, I wasn't able to enter Yad Vashem, and my family left me on the bus sleeping while we rode camels. :P I have now done all of those things! I was very moved by Yad Vashem. I, like many of the other people on the trip, have visited concentration camps in Europe, but this put a whole new perspective on things. I loved the Dead Sea and it didn't sting too bad - it also left our skin baby soft for a few days. I did feel a bit sorry for the camels, as they had scars from abuse on their legs and sides, but it is certainly an experience to ride on a camel's back.

We have spent the past few days in Jerusalem, which is BEAUTIFUL. We visited the Old City and went trinket shopping. We stuck our prayers in the Western Wall and toured the tunnels from thousands of years ago. It is definitely amazing to be in a city that is such an important part of history.

I am looking forward to our drive up north and our time in Tel Aviv!

-Rachel Cohen

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