Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3

Yesterday morning we hiked in the Negev. While in the desert, we laid back and listened to the silence because we learned gd is not in the fire, the wind or the mountains, but rather the silence. After we went to David Ben-Gurion and we saw Marva soldiers practicing their induction ceremony. Marva soldiers come to Israel and do basic training for 3 months.

Today we met the soldiers. Ilanit says shalom! We've been learning some Israeli slang in order to better fit in. Maayan says sababa and loves hummus. Love ya mom and dad, miss you!

Love you mom and dad- Jenna

Before meeting the Israelis, we hiked mount masada at sunrise. It was painful waking up at 4 a.m., but completely worth it once we got to the top. The view was absolutely beautiful. Afterwards, we had breakfast and went on another short hike to an oasis which we swam in. Then, we headed to the Dead sea, where we all floated for the very first time ever! Now we're at the Shalom hotel in Jerusalem with the Israeli soldiers and getting ready to go to Yad Vashem tomorrow.

More soon!



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  1. Hi Dara ..... I hope you're having a blast on the trip... I can't wait to see the photo of you on a camel ... I'm planning to frame it in side-by-side photo with Aunt Ali on the elephant in bangkok - ha ha... post some photos of your adventures so I can live vicariously through you and your friends.... ha ha... love you!!! .... Aunt Elissa