Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mazel Tov

By Sykes Radford '14 and Jacob Albano '15

Today, members of the group woke up early to attend conservative Shabbat services in Ashkelon. Afterwards, we went for an afternoon walk on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea. When we returned to the hotel, a beautiful Shabbat lunch had been set up for us as we all enjoyed one of our final meals together as a group. Manishevitz, laughter, full tummies, and friendship filled the air just before we held Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs for four group members! One-by-one, Carly Epstein, Enika Selby, Jacob Albano, and Sykes Radford read Aliyah Blessing and discussed their interpretation of the Ten Commandments and it's relevance to loving, living, and learning. In keeping with tradition, candy was thrown at each of them at the conclusion of their presentation. Candy wasn't the only thing thrown into the air, though. Members of the group played music, danced, ate, and lifted Carly, Enika, Jacob, and Sykes in the air (Horah) for celebration. In the end, we enjoyed a relaxing dinner on the pier before calling it a night. 

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