Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Days 1 & 2!

We've arrived! After a long 10 hour flight, we arrived in Tel Aviv at 6am and were greeted by the Hillel staff on the ground including Esther, Meir (our bus driver), Omri (our guard/medic), Graham (Rakaz) and Shany, our dynamic and energetic tour. We set off for the Northern part of Israel...

Sherry chiming in:

Shalom! Okay, so now that I've exhausted 1/16th of the Hebrew I've acquired thus far, here's the report for Taglit-Birthright with Hillel days 1 and 2:

Without writing a post to rival Finnegan's Wake, I'd just like to say that the trip has thus far been in very way indelible. Israel is a beautiful and amazing place. My favorite part has been the water. Seeing the Sea of Galilee from the Arbel Cliffs, rafting down the Jordan River, and wading around in the springs feeding the Sea of Galilee in the Tel Dan Nature Reserve while learning about the historic significance of these bodies of water has answered several of my questions about the history of Israel. The environment and the people here raise even more questions about my Jewish identity. Also, there are these adorable mega-bunnies, peacocks,  a huge pool in the kibbutz, and cows. Cows. Everywhere. 

Time for a healthy dose of Evan:

So our journey is well underway now, and most of my early expectations have already been met. We've seen a lot of historical sites, the famed Israeli attitude has been on full display (especially with our guide Shany), and it's really hot. It's crazy how varied the environment is here, even within a few kilometers. And the Golan Heights are really high up. Like, really high. Oh, and our guard/medic Omry is a boss. Time to meet our Mifgash tomorrow!

Unrelatedly, Matthew "The Kid" Jayson had lentil soup for the first time. Ever.

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