Monday, June 11, 2012

In the Negev

We had a really fun (but exhausting) last 2 days. We arrived at our Bedouin tent on Sunday night and went camel riding. From there, we met with some Bedouins, learned about their culture, and had a delicious meal. Following dinner we had a short night walk in the desert.

The next day, after getting up at 4am(!) we hiked Masada so we could see the sun rise from the top. After spending about 2 hours learning about Masada and taking the long snake path down, we headed to Ein Gedi, a natural oasis in the Judean desert. From there, we floated in the Dead Sea (for many, it was their first time)... And we did all of this by 2pm!

Then we headed to Jerusalem and said the Schecheyanu as a group as we entered Jerusalem for the first time.

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