Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shopping in Machane Yehudah

Today we went to Machaneh Yehuda, a market in Jerusalem to explore and shop a bit for food and Judaica.  It was an amazing place, and there were many choices for food and gifts.  A lot of people bought falafel, fresh fruit (mostly pomegranates and strawberries), dried fruit, and halva (they had a ton of different kinds).  While walking around, it was fun to practice some newly learned Hebrew that we've picked up from our new Israeli friends.

Also, it was meaningful to be walking around with our Israeli soldier friends, who were still in uniform after our moving visit to the national military cemetery this morning. For example, I was walking with Tali, one of the soldiers whom we are so lucky to have with us on the trip, and someone in the market came up to her and commented "paratroopers are the best!" (though he said it in Hebrew). He had seen the emblem on her uniform that indicates her division, and it was really cool to see an unexpected expression of camaraderie and support for her in the market. He had also been in the paratrooper's division when he was in the IDF.

Penn '14

Claire Shimberg
Penn '14

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