Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Bus 912:

Welcome back home! After our unexpected overnight in Toronto, we hope you all got to your final destinations safely and uneventfully. And that you're all caught up on sleep. :)

It's been less than 72 hours since we've returned from our trip, but we are already looking forward to seeing you guys on campus (we can't believe that classes begin this week). In the meantime, we thought it would be fun to recap our trip in numbers...

So, we, Bus 912, Penn Hillel...

Went on 3 nature walks (er, hikes)
Learned 51 Hebrew and English names
Met 11 awesome Israelis (can't forget Raz, Meytal, and Eli)
Rode 39 camels
Ate over 30 pounds of hummus
Celebrated 5 Bat Mitzvahs!
Heard about 6 jokes all with a guy named Jose
Couldn't really ever count to #48
Sang over 50 songs in the bus on the drive down south
Bought at least 25 IDF t-shirts
Said "Yalla Ballagan" approximately 100 times
Met 1 totally awwwwwesome guy in Tzfat

... and made tons of new (Facebook) friends, took thousands of photos, and made countless memories!

Thank you all for an amazing trip,
Emily and Rabbi Joel

P.S. When's the reunion?

Here are updated photos:

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