Monday, June 7, 2010

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Each day we get to experience so many different things, and there's always something that appeals to everyone. My favorite part about today was that aside from seeing amazing and beautiful sites I was able to learn about Hadassah. This organization is not new to me, I know many people involved, specifically my Mom-mom, who was the president of her chapter and is still very active today. In the past I never really thought about what the Hadassah organization is or does. I knew they raised money, but did not know for what cause. Basically, I thought went on little trips together and didn't think much more about it. Going to the Hadassah Hospital today was extremely eye-opening. This organization, one that has always been present in my life yet never meant anything to me, helps so many people. And learning about this organization with the Israeli soldiers made the entire experience real, as opposed to things that happen to other people in other places.

I realized today that allowing myself to ignore certain things that are in front of me will cause me to miss out on so many great aspects of my life. I'm excited to take what I've learned so far on this trip back home and to apply my new views and lessons to my life.

-Julie Waters

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