Sunday, June 13, 2010

Final updated photo album and final thoughts

For your viewing pleasure - our completed photo album! Thank you very much to all those who wrote for this blog and to those who read it while we were having adventures all across Israel. This trip changed each and every person in some way, and it was truly an honor to be a part of everyone's experience. Each person in the group arrived at JFK open to what this 10 day trip had to offer and I can safely say that everyone remained open the entire time -- open to new friendships, new ideas, and learning, both facts and about ourselves. In closing the trip, I challenged each person to continue to stay open to ways that this trip will have an impact in the future, even after we have left Israel.

Stay tuned - just as the trip was meaningful to all, experience has shown me that more changes, questions, and ideas are still to come from each participant. Maybe some will even be willing to blog about this in the future! We'll keep you posted.

-Debbie Yunker

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