Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day One: Travel, Travel, Travel

First day at Tierra Miguel, very exciting! After a long (and early) flight from Philly, with a too short layover in Vegas, we finally made it to San Diego!

The farm is great. While we haven't met the farmers yet, we did meet our leaders Jo and Eytan and Stem from the Jewish Farm School. Together we made and enjoyed our first meal (all vegetarian) in California (bean stew, rice, roasted beets...and cookies with bananas, oats, and other dried fruit).

After dinner and the obligatory discussion of logistics, we got to talking about what everyone is looking forward to on the trip, what everyone can bring to the table, and what we're all looking for from each other. Needless to say, the week is looking pretty positive so far!

Although it's only 9 PM, jet lag and travel are taking a toll and we're all headed off to sleep soon.

Tomorrow is our first day of farming and we have to be awake (and alert) by 7:30 AM!

Stay tuned for photos soon!

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